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We get your website future-ready with our Top-rated Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) Development

AMP is an essential aspect for your business website that makes web pages load faster leading to better usability and engagement convincing the visitor to stay longer on the webpage and thereby ensuring reduced bounce rates. At Espina Software Solutions, we work dedicatedly to help you grow quickly and efficiently through our accelerated mobile pages. We have been working with numerous clients across the globe, and have been successful in setting up a standard in the AMP platform, and with our continual efforts, we are now one of the top AMP development companies in Kochi, India. We also provide our services to different countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, UAE, Bahrain, Russia, Germany, Newzealand, Kuwait, France, Netherland, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, Finland, Philippines, Denmark, etc.

Our team, with their striving efforts, will always ensure you AMP Pages with,

High Performance

Our definition of high-performance is relevant to our services and our clients regardless of the type of their business offerings and location. The high performance, in turn, delivers high quality


We provide a responsive web page design that focuses primarily on flexibility and compatibility to run on all the cross platforms smoothly.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We will offer you fully customized AMP development services at cheaper rates. Our unraveled and quality services have given us a prominent space in the competition.

Expert solutions

All the AMP pages designed will be done by the hands of amateurs and experts in the field, they have a thorough knowledge of the latest tools and trends available in the market

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

An Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP is an initiative by Google, and Twitter makesswift mobile web pages. It's a reduced form of HTML. It's asuper light HTML page designed to make the website load very fast. It’s an open-source, loads web pages 85% faster than any regular webpage, opens on all the platforms. It increases mobile traffic significantly and is the best way to make a reach within the maximum number of the targeted audience.

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What Is The Purpose Of Using AMP?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are getting trendier day by day due to their enhanced features of mobile-optimized content getting loaded anytime and anywhere in a bit. A picturesque of what AMP gives,

Awesome UI/UX

Awesome UI/UX

User Friendly

User-friendly function

Instant Page Load

Instant Page Load

Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Friendly

High Performance

High Performance

Low Bounce Rate

Low Bounce Rate

Why Choose Espina Software Solutions For AMP Pages Development?

Use AMP for a smoother experience across the web

Amp Strategy

Every business strategy first starts with a consultation. We offer AMP website design services to help businesses understand the edges of AMP. We adapt the plan to help us create customized AMP solutions that are scalable and responsive across all mobile and desktop devices.

AMP Design

Our high experienced team of AMP design experts will design your web pages with authentic and well-formatted and lightweight design for an enhanced experience to the mobile or desktop users.

AMP For Wordpress

AMP is open-source and the AMP plugin for Wordpress provides fully integrated AMP publishing for WordPress sites without compromising the flexibility of the platform. It also offers enhanced compatibility for core Wordpress themes. We can also configure the plugin to follow the different template modes: Standard, Transitional, and Reader.

AMP Development

We do the codings at the backend that doesn’t cause much loader time and gives an excellent user experience through the best AMP development services; we deliver well-coded mobile pages.

AMP For eCommerce

Give a touch of AMP to your website for a great look! We build fast and user-friendly E-Commerce solutions. The reason a large number of companies make use of accelerated mobile pages all over the world is because of its robust content management system and less loading time which is best suitable for eCommerce.

AMP Support

We are a leading Accelerated Mobile Pages Development company in Kochi, India and provide the right solution to help you accomplish your business goals. Our helpful and expert team is always available at your service, for any sort of business, whether a startup or a small business to more significant enterprises and regardless of the commodity.

Top Five Benefits Of AMP Which Makes It Preferable For Your Business

AMP, is a blazingly fast, google accelerated mobile pages aimed to load instantly on mobile, due to which, all the presently prominent browsers and open platforms have openly accepted it for its versatility and ease. AMP has a lot many benefits over responsive websites in terms of speed, user-experience, and bounce rate, but here we have listed out the top five to give you enough reason to invest your bucks in it.

1. Reduced Loading Time

The AMP is designed and developed exceptionally in such a way to lessen the loading time of the website content and load the pages with much ease and accuracy.

2. Lower Bounce Rates

Its reduced loading time makes it engage more audience for more time and thereby helps in reducing the bounce rate of your website extensively.

3. Search Engine Optimization

It is easier for search engines to discover your web page and make them crawl as there is no need to customize the content.

4. Mobile Friendly

The AMP is designed and developed exceptionally in such a way to lessen the loading time of the website content and load the pages with much ease and accuracy.

5. Higher Website Ranking

Its reduced loading time makes it engage more audience for more time and thereby helps in reducing the bounce rate of your website extensively.

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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP is an open-source framework developed by Google for fast loading websites in Mobile phones and it helps to increase more visitors to the website (eg: if the website contains images and big content, it takes time to load faster in the mobile version,So including AMP in the website will make it open quicker).
We, Espina Software Solutions are the best Google AMP development company in Kochi, India, offers Google AMP services to convert all kinds of static and dynamic websites into fast loading AMP pages with help of AMP developers who are highly skilled with the latest and high-end technologies.

Key Benefits of Using Google AMP:

  • Open source framework
  • Load faster in the mobile version
  • Best SEO visibility
  • Increase website ranking in mobile
  • Increase server performance
  • Mobile friendly
  • AMP format is fully portable
  • Increase visitors to the website
  • Reduce the bounce rate
  • Keep the audience engaged to the website
  • High performance
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